Elm Leaves Journal (ELJ) is SUNY Buffalo State’s historic literary and arts journal. In production since 1948, Elm Leaves Journal has been administered, edited and produced by students at Buffalo State College.

In 2013, after a brief hiatus, Elm Leaves Journal was re-imagined as ELJ, a cutting edge, national literary journal. The 2013 edition was the first that published writers outside of the Buffalo State community, that that was printed by a professional publisher. ELJ is published through the cooperation of the Writing Major and the School of Arts and Humanities.

The “Wild” Edition (Winter 2013) features work by writers Matthew Bookin, Eric Bosse, Tiff Holland, Gergory Lawless, Paul Lisicky, Robert Lopez, Mary Miller, Darlin’ Neal, Ted Pelton, Gary Percesepe, Jennifer Pieroni, Matthew Roberston, Gail Louise Siegel, Curtis Smith, Ed Taylor, Griija Tropp, and Amy Day Wilkinson.

The “Harvest” edition (Fall 2014) features work by Trevor Dodge, Kathy Fish, Zach Fishel, Sherrie Flick, Lydia Copeland Gwyn, Tiff Holland, Paul Myette, Thomas O’Connell, Peter Ramos, Gail Louise Siegel, Kaysi Stepien, Ed Taylor, Diane Vickers, and Joan Wilking.

The “Dirt” edition (Winter 2016) features work by Myfanwy Collins, Pia Z. Ehrhardt, Kathy Fish, Avital Gad-Cykman, Lydia Copeland Gwyn, Susan Henderson, Brandon Hobson, Tiff Holland, Laurie Kaiser, Robert Lopez, Michael Martone, Bobbie Ann Mason, Kathleen McGookey, Dave Newman, Pamela Painter, William R. Slogan, Ed Taylor, Peter Tiernan, Girija Tropp, Joan Willing, Lex Williford, and Steven Wingate.

The “Blues” edition (Fall 2017) features work by Glen Armstrong, Jill Dery, Michael Don, Jeff Ewing, Lucas Flatt, Michael Fontana, Abigail George, Sean Gill, Tiff Holland, Lucinda Kempe, Lynn Levin, Tamara Miles, Jefferson Navicky, Joseph Nicoletti, Cat Olson, Lynn Pattison, Ralph Pennel, Peter Ramos, Michael Sarnowski, T. L. Sherwood, Gail Louise Siegel, William R. Soldan, Susan Pepper, Girija Tropp, Joan Willing, and Larry J. Wormington.

Submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, book reviews and translations (of any word length) can be sent as .doc or .docx attachments (or pasted into the body of the email) to eljbuffalo@gmail.com.

The journal is edited by Pushcart Prize-winning author Kim Chinquee, Associate Professor of English, and co-director of the Writing Major.  ELJ is produced, in part, through the work of students in ENG 357, Literary Publishing. In this course, Professor Chinquee takes the students through the process of producing the journal, from layout to selection to editing. If you would like to order a copy of the journal, please click here.